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Confidential information and trade secrets

Assets worth keeping under the radar.

Maintaining your valuable commercial assets, such as confidential information and trade secrets, is critical to being able to sustain your competitive advantage. 

Protecting confidential information is particularly important if you intend to seek patent or registered design protection. Patents and registered designs cannot be obtained for products or processes which have been publicly disclosed (even if unwittingly).

Review and protection of in-house procedures and educating employees and visitors are just the start of the conversation. If you discover confidentiality has been breached, we can help to: 

  • Identify confidential information and trade secrets
  • Prosecute or defend court proceedings
  • Provide confidentiality clauses in commercial agreements
  • Advise you on allegations of breaches of confidence
  • Notify others of your rights – and how they may be breaching them
  • Provide confidentiality agreements for interactions with third parties (including collaborators, licensees and investors).
"In intelligence work, there are limits to the amount of information one can share. Confidentiality is essential". - Gijs de Vries

Key people

Whether it is identifying, protecting or resolving a dispute, you can be sure these guys will ensure your knowledge stays secure.

Ben Cain, Hamilton, Tauranga

Senior Associate

Clever clients

Shhhh don't tell anyone, but these clients have been clever enough to work with us on keeping their secrets safe.

What people say
"During the course of the litigation we learnt a great deal about the law of confidence, and James & Wells assisted us to establish safe-guards and practices within our firm to avoid being accused of breach, and to protect our valuable research, development and know how. "
Wayne Leech, fmr CEO - Bomac
"They have applied their strong expertise in confidential information and industrial copyright law to our highly technical products and our unique situation.  This has given us the confidence to take the necessary steps to protect our most valuable assets."
Tony Messenger - Nuphlo Pumps Ltd