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Patent searching and innovation insight reports

Make better business decisions with James & Wells' Patent Searching and Innovation Insight Reports.

Patent searching is a powerful tool which provides innovation intelligence to help you achieve your business objectives. James & Wells offers a range of bespoke searching solutions to manage and reduce risk, optimise R&D, identify opportunities, monitor competition and facilitate innovation.  

Patent Search Reports

Intellectual property searching helps to ascertain whether a R&D project is worth pursuing. It is used to investigate if you have freedom to operate in target markets and to assess whether an innovation is likely to be patentable. Conducting these searches before heavily investing in a project will reduce risk and save money. 

James & Wells’ searching team can help you with:

  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) - understand infringement risks;
  • Patentability - assess if an innovation is protectable; and
  • Watching Services - monitor known and unidentified competitors.

Innovation Insight Reports

The power of intellectual property searching extends far beyond the traditional assessments of FTO, patentability and monitoring competitors. Searching can extract valuable insights from publicly available information for strategic planning and decision making. 

James & Wells’ Innovation Insight Reports are designed to turn intellectual property research into strategic business intelligence. These reports provide targeted information on large numbers of intellectual property rights based on their relevance to competitors or areas of technology. Key insights can readily be gleaned from market trends shown in a range of summary graphs and diagrams. 

Some of the Innovation Insight reports we can provide are:

  • Technology Insights - better understand a technology space based on intellectual property strategies and rights;
  • Company Insights - better understand a competitor’s technology portfolio; and 
  • Comparative Competitor Analysis - provides unique insights into how companies distinguish themselves from each other and the intellectual property strategies they use. 

Additional Reports

If you don’t see what you need, we can help you dive deeper into the vast amounts of information available on intellectual property rights to extract more detailed or customised intelligence.  

James & Wells offers a wide range of other search options that can be tailored to meet your needs.  

Options include:

  • Litigation Threat Assessments - better understand infringement risks based on previous litigation cases;
  • Litigation History - provides an overview of a particular company's litigation history;
  • Valuation Assessments - provides an indication of the value of a patent or intellectual property portfolio; and
  • Patent Landscape – provide a visual depiction of the amount of patent activity in a technology area.

Contact one of our searching team to discuss your requirements and obtain a cost estimate. Funding may be available from Callaghan Innovation and we can also assist with navigating your way through the application process. 

Key people

To make better business decisions with intellectual property insights, contact the James & Wells searching team.

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