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E-commerce and domain names - website

Doing business on-line – the right way.

From the front room to the board room, online business (e-commerce) is a significant contributor to New Zealand's economic prosperity. 

E-commerce is not just about domain names and websites.  There’s a whole lot more traders in the online space need to consider.  Privacy, spam, online security – not to mention trade mark and copyright rights – are all issues those engaged in e-commerce need to consider. Top of the list though is your domain name – the right domain name is worth its weight in gold.

We have attorneys who can provide targeted advice on a range of issues including:

  • Domain names – from searching to strategy, registration to recovery as well as prosecuting and defending complaints
  • Trade Marks – not only use of your mark but use of others’ as well – be it to advertise goods or use as Google AdWords or metatags
  • Patents – are the goods you’re selling infringing someone’s patent? You never know unless you check
  • Copyright – who owns the copyright in your website design and the photographs of the products you’re selling?
  • Commercial – terms and conditions, privacy policies, parallel 
“Focus on the user, build for the long view, and the money will come.” - Greg Hartnett

Key people

Helping your e-business is our business – the front-end, the back-end and everywhere in between.

Ben Cain, Hamilton, Tauranga

Senior Associate

E-commerce and domain name clients

A selection of our satisfied clients.

What people say
"At all times I felt very comfortable approaching Owen Culliney of James & Wells for quick advice or a simpler explanation of something, a service you would expect only from someone you have known for years, I am very grateful for that indeed. "
Victoria Hodge - Rainythink
"I engaged Owen from James & Wells to help with some business law matters. I found he was excellent to work with, and I was very happy with the service provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending Owen and James & Wells to others for their law needs."
Phil Elvey - C-talk
"We have been very impressed in the way James & Wells have gone about getting things done with minimum fuss."
Gary Davis, Co-founder - CallerAds
"Each time I talked with them was a buzz because not only did they get it, they also threw in ideas to improve the product, advised options to protect it and space to think and decide.  Best of all, they seemed just as excited as I was about Tika.  "
Rehina Rolleston, Owner/Director - Tika