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Blue sky mining® - brainstorming

If you’re keen to innovate, we’re keen to help.

We provide interactive, tailored and structured brainstorming sessions with  your key personnel.  Whether you want a new brand, product, systems or stimulated educated staff – we do it.

Our technical, intellectual property and branding backgrounds guide your staff to develop valuable intangible assets that can be used and protected – short-cutting what can sometimes be a lengthy and frustrating process.

We can organise the logistics, including venue and catering, if needed. 

Most importantly, we provide an action plan afterwards so everyone is clear on the next steps.

Innovation is just talk unless you implement. 

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events,; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Our BSM team

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you get the right people around a table.

BSM clients

We enjoy holding brainstorming sessions with these clients and many others.

What people say
"James & Wells were very helpful in planning and facilitating our recent brainstorming session. Kate Wilson and her team have a broad technical understanding of our industry, bring an outside perspective, and helped us identify novel ideas during the session so we could focus and prioritise"
Dr Paul Johnstone, R&D Director - Lely Sensortec
"Kate from James & Wells is brilliant in highlighting the value and relevance of IP to our clients in an easy to understand and interesting way that brings this topic to life. Her workshops are highly rated and sought after, putting IP on the radar for many of our clients."
Jacinta Clarke, Senior Manager - Business Growth, WHK -