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Meet the team

It’s always good to put a face to a name. So here we are. Click on our photos to get to know us a little better.
Just in case you want to know, here’s the legal stuff about our partnership structure.

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Ceri Wells. Partner.

Kate Wilson. Partner.

Ian Finch. Partner.

Jason Rogers. Partner.

Carrick Robinson. Partner.

Tim Walden. Partner.

Gus Hazel. Partner.

Gary Betteridge. Senior Associate.

Andrew Knowles. Of Counsel.

Jonathan Lucas. Senior Associate.

Jared Millar. Senior Associate.

Sarah Harrison. Senior Associate.

David Macaskill. Associate.

Andrew Scott. Associate.

Jason Tuck. Associate.

Peter Brown. Senior Associate.

Owen Culliney. Senior Associate.

Ben Cain. Associate.

Craig Tolson. IP Specialist.

Johnathan Chen. Head of Division - Asia.

Stephanie Melbourne. Solicitor.

Sébastien Aymeric. Associate.

Joseph Garven. Technical Adviser.

Sarah Rosanowski. Solicitor.

Eleanor Gilbert. IP Specialist.

Daphne Missirlis. Solicitor.

Aasha Foley. Solicitor.

Emily Agnew. Marketing and Business Development Manager.

Judy Chou. Personal Assistant.

Chloe Li. Personal Assistant.

Barbara Finn. Technical Adviser.

Katy Stove. Law Clerk.