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Efficient intellectual property strategies ensure Kiwi innovation is one step ahead on the world stage.

Drivers have always been faced with the age old problem: how can you protect your car wheels against their number one enemy, the curb? RimPro Tec has the solution. Their system is designed to preserve the aesthetic appearance of wheels, reducing the chance of damage by applying a two-part protection system to the wheel rims – a rigid base coupled with an interchangeable inner capable of withstanding impacts at a range of speeds. 

RimPro Tec needed a strategy to ensure they were going to stand out in a market with similar products, and have their innovative thinking recognised to create a point of difference.

How we helped

The resulting product protection means RimPro Tec's wheel rim protectors are set to be adopted as standard by some of the worlds largest car manufacturers.

First off the block was to devise an IP strategy that provided cost effective protection and clear patent filing objectives for a smooth entry into the market place.

Taking a look at the market enabled us to see the big picture and exactly what the potential for growth was. 
Starting with New Zealand patent applications, we filed worldwide into many relevant countries. The result? The RimPro Tec system has been picked up by some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, while gaining the company their fair share of accolades along the way. They now have a very impressive IP portfolio in place which ensures their innovative thinking keeps them at the forefront of the market. 
“James & Wells has looked after our patent portfolio since we first started our business. They have worked with us to develop a filing strategy that protects our products in New Zealand and internationally, enabling us to successfully launch our products worldwide.”

Deborah Chester, Founder/CEO RimPro Tec


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