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Quantec Limited

Working smartly side by side to get the big picture – it’s how we ensure success.

Quantec are small but potent, being world leaders when it comes to developing high-value bio-actives from natural products. It was their discovery on how to effectively use immune defense proteins, or IDP, (the stuff that fights germs and provides pain relief) in milk that really put Quantec on the map. Impressively, the ingredient can be used in both human and animal products. Quantec needed to protect the idea and prove the ingredient could be commercialised so it could get their idea to the world.  

How we helped

Quantec supply quantities of IDP throughout the Asia-Pacific for applications in both oral care and skin care.

We looked at how we could get the most out of the bioactive ingredient aspect and on-going research into variations and delivery devices, plus establish the brand.

We provided Quantec with patent and trade mark advice for their innovative thinking, a move which has certainly paid off. 

The company’s activities have grown considerably in size, so we continue to work alongside Quantec to build their strategy, dependent on the changes in the market. They now supply quantities of IDP throughout the Asia-Pacific region for applications in both oral care and skin care.  They also have developed their own personal care line called epiology™ for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne.

 “James & Wells’ team of patent attorneys and trade mark experts feel like an integral part of our team. They are able to take what we know we have developed and wrap solid protection around it by applying the thinking outside the scope of our current targets. This creates a much broader area of protected IP for us, particularly for future market opportunities that we haven’t even considered yet.”

Dr Rod Claycomb, Quantec Managing Director & Co-Founder

The team for Quantec Limited

Tim Walden
Tim Walden


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