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Spreading the word: smart IP awareness brings ideas into reality.

We love backing Kiwi ideas. Especially when they’re the kind of ideas that can help even more Kiwi businesses get ahead. Procreate are doing just that. They’re an industrial design and engineering company armed with the creative and innovative thinking needed to get a design from paper to product. They are leaders in their field, championing the benefits of intellectual property to ensure their clients reap the rewards of solid protection.

How we helped

Procreate enable their clients to produce cutting edge products, with industrial design and engineering expertise guiding the entire product development life cycle.

Their creative genius has proven to be invaluable in helping many clients see their ideas become reality.

Adding James & Wells’ IP knowledge into the mix has resulted in products that are not only well designed, but also well protected.

It is this sort of ingenious thinking that has led Procreate owner, Graham Brewster, to develop the revolutionary FLOE bottle. Gaining acclaim amongst athletes at the Tour de France, the patented nozzle technology and insulated silicone walls allows the FLOE bottle to efficiently deliver ice slurry to high performance athletes, maximising their physical performance.

Before the ink had even settled on the conceptual drawings, we got to work ensuring that any IP was captured and protected from the outset. Both the FLOE brand and the technology surrounding the bottle have been the subject of trade mark and patent applications both in New Zealand and internationally, helping to ensure success on the global stage. 

 “In working in the Product Development and Branding space, having James and Wells and in particular Jennifer assisting, we and our clients can rest assured our IP interests will be treated with the highest level of professional care”  

Graham Brewster, Owner

The team for Procreate

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