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Lely Sensortec

More than just intellectual property protection, we’re changing the way businesses think.

Hamilton-based Lely-Sensortec have it sussed when it comes to innovation. Their edge is their ability to design high tech, sensor-based animal management products that parent company Lely can manufacture and export to the world.

It was up to us to assist Lely’s innovative thinking, with international farming markets at the forefront of their minds. This meant Lely needed to establish a platform from which its engineers could focus on coming  up with the next best thing.  Getting engineers into the right mind-set can be tricky, but we knew just the solution. 

How we helped

We're enabling Lely Sensortec to design innovative animal management products that its parent company (Lely Industries NV, based in the Netherlands) can manufacture and export to the world.

To kick their thinking into gear, we organised a specialised brainstorming session.

We took the staff away from their usual work environment and structured the day with clear objectives to meet, determining where Lely wanted to head and how they were going to measure their success. With this kind of rationale we were able to come up with top-notch product ideas that could be protected and presented to Lely. 
We did more than just protect these ideas, we helped to generate them.

“James & Wells were very helpful in planning and facilitating our recent brainstorming session. Kate Wilson and her team have a broad technical understanding of our industry, bring an outside perspective, and helped us identify novel ideas during the session so we could focus and prioritise. James & Wells are passionate about helping companies think outside the box to generate new ideas and novel potential products. They are easy to work with and I would highly recommend them to any business wishing to explore or invest in new R&D”

Dr Paul Johnstone, R&D Director

The team for Lely Sensortec

Jason Tuck
Jason Tuck

Senior Associate

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