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Clever thinking helped to protect the future of Kokako.

Award-winning coffee brand Kokako has an impressive following, and as it has expanded its business, its IP requirements have become more complicated.

Founder Mike Murphy turned to James & Wells to develop a clever IP strategy which protects Kokako's valuable brand and logo.

How we helped

Through a focus on IP protection, Kokako can face its exciting future with a strong suite of IP protecting its valuable business.

Kokako's distinctive logo - featuring the word KOKAKO and a stylised image of the endemic Kokako bird - is now a symbol of quality coffee backed with a strong sustainable, ethical & design driven ethos. 

We recommended protection for the plain word KOKAKO, without any stylisation, across all relevant food and beverage categories, in addition to protection for the logo separately. Registration of the plain word provides broad protection irrespective of the font or logo associated with that word. In addition, Kokako has protected IP relevant to future possible expansion plans, such as a potential move into the Australian market.

"James & Wells was able to comprehensively understand our business and, most importantly, our position in the market. The value of investing in an IP strategy cannot be underestimated, particularly given the brand equity we have successfully developed for Kokako."

Mike Murphy, Managing Director, Kokako

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