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Energy Mad

Perception is everything. The ECOBULB® Moment.

Energy Mad sells innovative energy-efficient lighting. In terms of securing their competitve advantage, its real ECOBULB® moment came when they realised not only how to establish their product in a cost driven market, but just how valuable brand reputation is in the marketplace. 

How we helped

Energy Mad's investment in a clever IP portfolio approach has protected its market position and brand.

The eco-friendly company understood early on that customers loved their product, and their brand would play a big part in growing new business as repeat customers spread the word.  

However, as Energy Mad quickly found out, in a cost driven market, a low cost speaks far louder than a great product with a great name. 

Rather than relying solely on their brand and reputation to win customers, Energy Mad took the radical approach of developing proprietory technology targeted at the middle man, the electricity utilities. By developing a product that provided some tangible advantages to the electricity utilties over what other energy-efficient bulbs could provide, Energy Mad created a niche market which insulated them to some degree from the cost driven nature of the market.    

So we got to work helping them protect their very clever proprietory technology with a series of patents. We also worked with Energy Mad to protect their branding and distinctive lightbulb design. This helped them to protect the niche market they had established and to build their brand, without having to worry about competitors coming along for a free ride. 

The future’s looking bright for Energy Mad. Their highly effective marketing has seen them win the "Most Innovative Business" award, and their investment in a clever IP portfolio means they can concentrate on building their business, knowing they’ve effectively locked the back door against the competition. Phew. 

"It’s been great partnering up with James & Wells who have good representation throughout New Zealand. James & Wells have filed 5 patents, registered 86 Trademarks and 13 Design registrations throughout the World for Energy Mad through their international network. James & Wells made the process very easy, despite the numerous countries that were dealt with."

Tom Mackenzie, Founder and Technical Director

The team for Energy Mad

Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers


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