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Baker No-Tillage

Sowing the seeds of success: assets worth going the extra mile.

The team behind Baker No-Tillage are quite comfortable with their place as industry leaders in no-tillage systems. It’s an accolade thirty years in the making and a bumpy ride at that. Unique in its approach to agriculture, the Cross-Slot no-tillage drill sows seeds with minimal soil disturbance. Increasing yields and maximising sustainable field production, the Cross-Slot is a proven hit. 

One of the inventors behind the drill, John Baker, has even been nominated for the World Food Prize, described as the Nobel Prize of the food industry. This kind of award recognises the impact nominees have had on improving the quality, quantity and availability of food throughout the world. With this kind of kudos, Baker No-Tillage has gone the extra distance when it comes to getting the most out of their intellectual property.  

How we helped

Unique in its approach to agriculture, the Cross-Slot is a proven hit on the world stage.

James & Wells has developed a close working relationship with Baker No-Tillage Ltd since the time when ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ was up loud, and the Berlin Wall was tumbling down.

We’ve provided Baker No-Tillage with a complete intellectual property package: assisting them to own and protect their IP at home and around the world by way of trade marks, patents, and dispute resolution services. Strategic advice was also provided in regards to their filing strategy.

We successfully drafted and prosecuted patents for the Mark IV blade, Spring Operated Device and Blade Mount in New Zealand and in Baker No-Tillage major international markets around the world. James & Wells assisted with the sale of their patent to a US interest, enabling the party to strategically position themselves as the target for a dominant player in the US market. Most recently, James & Wells engaged a Paris law firm to sue a French citizen accused of counterfeit copying of the Baker No-Tillage technology in France, including the preparation of a patent attorney report that will form part of the evidence.

 “Both parties have been lucky to have the services of Gary Betteridge who has the ability to understand (and even challenge) our technical concepts before re-describing them in eloquent, unambiguous “patent-talk” in such a way as to maximize their chances of remaining unique through anticipated future challenges from third parties. 

In more recent times we have also had occasion to utilize the legal and agreement-drafting skills of the Auckland JAWS team with equally satisfactory results. Long may the association continue since the strength of our company relies heavily on the uniqueness of our IP and our ability to protect and/or defend it through JAWS.”

John Baker, CEO

The team for Baker No-Tillage

Tim Walden
Tim Walden


Gus Hazel
Gus Hazel