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Time to refocus on Japan

26 November 2018. Posted by Ye Miao (缪烨) .

The CPTPP is NZ’s first free trade agreement with Japan, the world’s third largest economy and NZ’s fourth largest export market. Assistant Head of our Asia division, Ye Miao, talks to Exporter Today about next year’s tariff cuts and how kiwi exporters can use them as a competitive advantage. 

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November newsletter

26 November 2018. Posted by Emily Agnew .

The last few months have been busy at James & Wells.  Our November 2018 newsletter is a round-up of what we’ve been up to. 

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Asia business team gears up for China IP boom

21 November 2018. Posted by Ceri Wells .

Doing business with China is never far from the headlines in New Zealand.

Already our biggest trade partner, China makes the news for a wide range of reasons – immigration, student numbers at our tertiary institutions, effects on the housing market, milk powder sales, investment in New Zealand and new businesses being established here.

There’s a rich and growing record of activity in New Zealand involving the world’s most populous nation.

Intellectual Property (IP) advisers James & Wells have had a front seat to that compelling growth in the last few years.  Founding Partner Ceri Wells says the firm’s specialist Asia Business team, set up five years ago with one employee, now employs eight – six fulltime consultants and two support staff.

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New Zealand’s ‘champions of innovation’ win at NZ Law Awards

16 November 2018. Posted by Tim Walden .

James & Wells, New Zealand’s fastest-growing independent intellectual property law firm, was last night named the country’s top Intellectual Property Specialist at the NZ Law Awards.

This rounds out a game-changing year for the intellectual property law sector with regulatory, structural and ownership changes all having an impact on the profession and its clients.  

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Sky NZ – 2, Sellers of ‘Kodi’ boxes - 0

9 November 2018. Posted by Ben Cain .

‘Kodi’ boxes are set-top media and entertainment boxes that use free, open source software. There are thousands of boxes already in homes around New Zealand. Neither Kodi nor the boxes on which the software is installed are in themselves illegal, but become so when they are used to view subscription-based content, like Sky TV and Netflix, for free. The questions facing Sky are simple: how can it stop the sale of pre-loaded set-top boxes, and how can it stop box owners getting access to pirated content?

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Patent database a potential treasure trove

8 November 2018. Posted by Jared Millar , Jonathan Lucas .

Conventionally, a patent search is used to determine whether your invention is worth protecting. But an examination of existing patents can also deliver valuable insights into the activity of your competitors, R&D trends and provide marketing guidance. This information can help validate your own R&D pathway or suggest new directions. For example, if you were in the smart phone business you might be interested to know that Apple Inc. was recently granted a patent for a folding iPhone.

But doing business isn’t just about taking on competitors in an “us versus them” way. What about collaboration opportunities? A patent search can reveal potential partners operating in similar or adjacent technology areas that are complementary to your business.

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