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Kiwis ‘unsophisticated and naive’ attitude toward intellectual property rights

27 October 2017. Posted by Ceri Wells .

New Zealand has an unsophisticated and naïve attitude towards intellectual property rights. 

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Harvesting the fruits of your labour

9 October 2017. Posted by Andrew Scott .

Kiwis punch above their weight in many arenas.

But there’s one race where we are now well off the pace – the innovation race. Our history of innovation is a rich one, but the world is full of creative people solving problems – and many nations have leapt ahead of us

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The decline and fall of the Patent Attorney

4 October 2017. Posted by Ceri Wells .

In recent years, the intellectual property (IP) profession in New Zealand and Australia has been going through a reshaping of seismic proportions, and still there are major aftershocks ahead.

The situation is particularly bad in New Zealand where the Government’s philosophical desire for an integrated market with Australia has left the small elite patent attorney decimated and vulnerable.

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