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Getting export-ready for China

28 March 2017. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

Not surprisingly, Kiwi businesses in growing numbers are eyeing up China as an export market.

The scale of the potential business and consumer trade is mouth-watering, and our Free Trade Agreement and the good work of our politicians have paved the way.

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IP firm expands to meet market growth

27 March 2017. Posted by Emily Agnew .

National intellectual property specialists James & Wells have appointed John Mansell to join the firm’s Food and Beverage and Life Science Innovation teams as a Senior Associate.

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Watching China in 2017

22 March 2017. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

China-watching is mandatory for many people in business.

The world’s most-populous nation looms large on the global stage in politics, commerce and sport.  Its 300 million aspiring middle class citizens – still a small part of the total population - are increasingly sophisticated in their consumer activities, travelling a lot more and further, and pursuing business interests on all continents and the South Pacific region.

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Superfood, supplemented food or dietary supplement?

21 March 2017. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

It seems everything these days is a "superfood", including our common everyday veg. It's a buzzword of the food industry – however when using this term loosely it could have larger implications by implying a health claim about the food that is being sold.

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E-commerce the China way

16 March 2017. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

E-commerce is a term that covers a very broad range of activities from simply cementing orders over the phone to the highly sophisticated online marketing and selling systems that are increasingly dominating economies around the world.

The huge economy that is China is no laggard in the e-commerce area and those trading with China need to come to terms quickly with what electronic trade looks and feels like there.

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James & Wells supports Alaron Products for global growth

16 March 2017. Posted by Carrick Robinson , Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

Established in 1993 and now starting its 25th year in business, Alaron Products is a toll and contract and private-label manufacturer and packer of dietary supplements, complementary medicines, therapeutic goods and personal care products in bulk and shelf-ready finished product form.

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