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Protecting the brand you’re working on

25 July 2016. Posted by Ben Cain .

Where there’s business there’s brands. Those succinct simple representations of an organisation carry enormous power and the task of making a business or cause memorable and enduring.  Around the globe maybe millions of minds are beavering away on developing brands to drive their marketing, and cement their future prosperity.

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July 2016 newsletter

12 July 2016. Posted by Emily Agnew .

There are only three weeks left until entries close for the 2016 New Zealand Innovation Awards! We're proud to be on board with the awards which provide a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the efforts of your business, and be recognised on a national level for your innovation. 

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WARNING: IP scams currently operating in New Zealand.

11 July 2016. Posted by Tim Walden .

In the last week, a number of our clients have contacted us in regards to the legitimacy of unsolicited trade mark renewals notices from an overseas agency called ‘PTMO’.

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Branding, agencies and due diligence…it’s time.

8 July 2016. Posted by Ben Cain .

I firmly believe that, as creators of IP for their clients, branding agencies have a duty of care to their clients to ensure that the work their clients pay for does not infringe someone else’s rights. Ben Cain explains. 

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