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Capitalising on China’s e-commerce market by minimising risks

30 July 2015. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

The recent New Balance case should be a big wake up call for Kiwi companies exporting to Asian markets, especially those capitalising on e-commerce to do so.

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Lessons learnt from top entrepreneurial inventors

15 July 2015. Posted by .

Breakthrough ideas are often not embraced by large companies – particularly if they are not core business.  So stated Charles Hull the inventor of 3D printing in the inventor’s session at the recent IP Global Business Congress in San Francisco.

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IP litigator ‘leading the profession’ ranked in NZ Lawyer’s 2015 Hot List

15 July 2015. Posted by Emily Agnew .

Ian Finch, partner of national intellectual property firm James & Wells, has featured in the NZ Lawyer’s annual Hot List, having been recognised for his efforts ‘leading the profession’.

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Don’t panic! Timely advice on China’s $ 3.2 trillion stock market crash

14 July 2015. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

The sudden decline in stock values in China is alarming, but the outcome may not be as hard on New Zealand as some people fear. Johnathan Chen, Head of James & Wells' Asia Division, explains. 

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Take note of changes to the Fair Trading Act 1986

9 July 2015. Posted by Gus Hazel .

When it comes to customer protection, New Zealand legislation sets a high standard, and recent amendments to the Fair Trading Act 1986 shifts the focus even more to doing the “right thing by the consumer”. 

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Fineprint - The 2015 Winter Edition

8 July 2015. Posted by Emily Agnew .

Useful articles for business owners and their staff.

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Diversity in the IP Terroir

7 July 2015. Posted by .

A confluence of diverse businesses with quite different approaches to their IP occurred at the recent IP Business Congress under the cheekily named session “IP on the Grapevine”.

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July 2015 newsletter

2 July 2015. Posted by Emily Agnew .

With our commitment to champion the food and beverage sector, this week our Food and Beverage team are down in Palmerston North for the New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST) 50th anniversary conference. As sponsors of the event, our team are on hand to answer any intellectual property, commercial and export queries.

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Success at Fieldays means boost for Kiwi economy

1 July 2015. Posted by Emily Agnew .

With the success of James & Wells’ clients at this year’s and previous Fieldays, there’s no denying that agriculture is still a huge part of New Zealand’s economy. 

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