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A timeless lesson from “The Stones”

23 February 2015. Posted by Ceri Wells .

The Rolling Stones have created massive wealth as a result of their talent, effective management, energy, hard work, longevity and more importantly a well considered financial and tax strategy. The Rolling Stones are often labelled the ‘Billion Pound Band’, but that’s a massive understatement — since 1989 they’ve grossed twice that. Mick Jagger is worth £200 million, Keith Richards almost as much.

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Sale and supply of alcohol reforms - one year on

10 February 2015. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

December 2014 marked one year since the full implementation of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (Act). 

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James & Wells’ trade mark expertise internationally recognised with latest award

9 February 2015. Posted by Emily Agnew .

Continuing to build on their esteemed international reputation, James & Wells partners, Ian Finch and Carrick Robinson, have featured on the illustrious World Trade Mark Review 1000 – The World’s Leading Trade Mark Professionals. 

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James & Wells’ Head of Asia Division elected onto NZCTA Executive Committee

5 February 2015. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

Johnathan Chen, head of the James & Wells Asia Division, has been nominated and elected onto the New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) Executive Committee board.

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February 2015 client newsletter

3 February 2015. Posted by Emily Agnew .

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic break over the holiday season and have returned to work feeling refreshed. I’m picking that many of you (like us) are working on your business strategy for the New Year. Naturally we are conscious that around 80% of a business' value is in intangible assets (IA).

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Re-examination of New Zealand patents: proceed with caution

2 February 2015. Posted by Ian Finch , Jonathan Lucas .

New Zealand patents can now be challenged by any party in a re-examination procedure, but it is worth thinking carefully before using this procedure as the outcome could have some unwelcome consequences.

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