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Guerilla tactics key to growth

28 January 2015. Posted by .

In a world of large players, naturally many smaller organisations cannot compete directly with the resources of larger ones.  So innovative companies need to know the landscape, be nimble and targeted in their approach, and recognise when it could be more useful to sell intellectual property rather than commercialise it themselves.

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Why are so many young New Zealanders illegally streaming content?

21 January 2015. Posted by Sébastien Aymeric .

A recent Colmar Brunton poll revealed that half of young New Zealanders (between 16 and 29 years old) admit to online piracy.

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Why drafting your own patent protection is like going to the GP for brain surgery

16 January 2015. Posted by Ceri Wells .

There are pitfalls associated with getting a patent application lodged. Failing to do the right thing can mean ruining your chance of getting your intellectual property protected without it having a chance to be commercialised.

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