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Freedom to operate – can ignorance be bliss?

23 December 2014. Posted by .

Many businesses are making costly mistakes because they do not have a strategy for undertaking Freedom to Operate assessments.

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Micro-organism deposit receipt requirements under the 2013 New Zealand Patents Act

23 December 2014. Posted by .

On 13 September 2014 the New Zealand patent laws changed significantly.

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Enhancing patentability with designer experiments

22 December 2014. Posted by .

Business opportunities can be lost when people do not recognise they have something patentable.

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Driver beware - changes to the drink driving limits and its implications

16 December 2014. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

Many people consider December 1st as signifying the beginning of the festive season and an abundance of social events. 

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James & Wells announce corporate membership with New Zealand Asian Leaders

4 December 2014. Posted by Emily Agnew .

James & Wells’ partnership with New Zealand Asian Leaders signals the firm’s continued commitment to supporting New Zealand business ventures with the Asian region, by further strengthening their connections with the rapidly evolving market. 

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The Coolest Cooler

3 December 2014. Posted by Ben Cain .

The humble chilly bin will never been the same again. On 20 November TIME published its list of ‘The 25 Best Inventions of 2014’. From hover boards to supersmart spacecraft, witricity to wrappers you can eat, the inventions are nothing short of incredible. 

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Top tips for registering your brand as a trade mark

2 December 2014. Posted by .

From what can be protected by trade mark registration, to why register a trade mark, Solicitor Sarah Rosanowski details the top tips for securing your brand name. 

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December 2014 client newsletter

2 December 2014. Posted by Emily Agnew .

Hearsay and myths often determine people’s understanding of intellectual property – especially when it comes to topics like doing business in China or the digital realm. 

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Chinese businesses have big cheque books ready for the right Kiwi innovation

2 December 2014. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

The Chinese government’s increasing investment in research and development is creating a perfect storm for New Zealand’s innovators. Johnathan Chen, Head of Asia Division, James & Wells, explains what we should be doing about it.

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