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Guide to New Zealand Patent Act 2013 - Examination process

28 August 2014. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

The New Zealand Patent Act 2013, which comes into force on 13 September 2014, contains several changes to the examination process for New Zealand patent applications (including Convention and PCT national phase applications filed in NZ after the act comes into force).

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Divisional applications in New Zealand – prepare for the future

27 August 2014. Posted by David Macaskill , Jonathan Lucas .

New Zealand has passed a new Patents Act.  The new Patents Act comes into force as of 13 September and will implement some significant changes to New Zealand's patent laws, including the practice around divisional patent applications.

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Ready or not, here I come…NZ’s new Patents Act

25 August 2014. Posted by Ben Cain .

On 13 September the new Patents Act will come into force – whether you’re ready for it or not. So, too, will the Patents Regulations 2014 which were ratified by an Order in Council on 11 August.

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Get cunning about IP: learn from the big boys

25 August 2014. Posted by .

Got an IP strategy? IP expert Kate Wilson argues if all you are doing is talking to your patent attorney about protecting your inventions, the answer is probably no. Instead, Kiwi companies could learn from the multinationals about being cunning around IP.

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Protecting second generation products

21 August 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

I frequently get asked questions like “How can I protect my new product – it’s just an improvement to something that has been around for a long time?”

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New tax relief for research and development

12 August 2014. Posted by Ian Finch .

Applied Support Services - Tax relief is proposed for R&D intensive start-up companies and has been announced as effective in the 2014 Budget. 

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August 2014 James & Wells newsletter

10 August 2014. Posted by Emily Agnew .

Change is in the air at James & Wells. This refreshed newsletter marks just one of the rather exciting elements that makes up our brand re-launch. 

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Why you should listen to the IP giants - numbers darling!

8 August 2014. Posted by .

I have recently returned from a highly informative Intellectual Property Business Congress (IPBC).

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The pros and cons of hitch hiking on patent prosecution

8 August 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

A number of articles have been published recently discussing “tricks” to save costs in your intellectual property portfolio by ensuring that your patent attorney takes the lowest cost option.  The more cynical writers imply that patent attorneys deliberately ramp up their fees by not employing those “tricks”. 

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Important change of guidelines for black and white trade marks in Europe

6 August 2014. Posted by Sarah Harrison .

Recently the guidelines for the protection of black & white trade marks in Europe changed. 

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