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Don’t re-invent the wheel: use the patent super-library

25 July 2014. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

Need a solution for your latest technology project? It might already exist.

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When being the best isn’t good enough – what does Tesla Motors mean by “in good faith”?

23 July 2014. Posted by Andrew Scott .

Any good intellectual property strategy takes into consideration the past, current and future directions of a business, and it is my job as a patent attorney to provide business owners with a toolbox to be used strategically at their discretion.

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Photo of a red flag lying on a desk with yellow fringing, featuring Chinese characters that translate to “friend in commerce, and guardian of enterprise”, gifted to James & Wells.

James & Wells receive humbling thank you from Shanghai-based client

22 July 2014. Posted by Johnathan Chen (陈禹豪) .

After successfully helping our Shanghai-based client in getting their trade mark back from a “bad-faith” filing, James & Wells received this thank you and congratulation flag from the client.  

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Proving unjustified proceedings…a defendant’s Mount Everest?

22 July 2014. Posted by Ben Cain .

Ever been the subject of court proceedings you thought were completely unjustified? Thankfully under the Trade Marks Act and the Copyright Act remedies are available to those who are subject to such proceedings…or are they?

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Brand reputation: hard to gain, easy to lose

21 July 2014. Posted by Ben Cain .

As any brand owner will tell you, brand equity – or reputation – is not built in a day. Building reputation in a brand takes time, money, energy and passion.

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James & Wells litigation expertise gains international gold standard acclaim

17 July 2014. Posted by Emily Agnew .

James & Wells continue to make their mark on the international stage, with the firm and two partners, Ian Finch and Kate Wilson, featuring on the illustrious international list: the IAM Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners 2014.

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Kiwi IP champions enter bold new chapter, launching website with humour, irreverence – and balls.

15 July 2014. Posted by Emily Agnew .

James & Wells have just entered a new chapter in their 35 year history, and by the looks of their new-look website, it will be a memorable one. 

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The chicken or the egg; which should come first? R&D, Commercialisation, and IP protection.

15 July 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

So you have a great idea or concept.  Fantastic!  But where do you go now?  How can you take this great idea and bring it out into the world?

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Patents Act 2013: Biological exclusions and Indigenous Rights

11 July 2014. Posted by .

The New Zealand Patents Act 2013 (‘2013 Act’) will replace the current Patents Act 1953 (‘1953 Act’) on 13 September 2014. 

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Top IP Tips when growing your business

10 July 2014. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

Structuring the business with IP in mind can prove critical in realising the complete benefits of IP. So how do you go about ensuring this? 

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