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Doing business in Australia, does being close neighbours make it easier or harder?

23 February 2014. Posted by Andrew Scott .

Walking down the average street in Australia, you would bump into a Kiwi once for every forty people and in south-east Queensland the rate is higher.

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Online auctions: consumer rights – at last

20 February 2014. Posted by Ben Cain .

Are you one of the many New Zealand businesses that sell its goods through online auction sites like TradeMe?

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January - February 2014 James & Wells Newsletter

16 February 2014. Posted by Emily Agnew .

In the James & Wells newsletter we keep you updated on the latest developments in intellectual property in New Zealand, as well as news from our firm, upcoming events, client success stories and more.

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“Dumb Starbucks” Trade Mark parody - ingenious, or, well dumb?

11 February 2014. Posted by .

The recent opening of a small American coffee shop in Los Feliz, Los Angeles has received overwhelming international media attention.

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Franchising:  What do I need to know?

9 February 2014. Posted by .

Franchising is a commercial arrangement where the owner of intellectual property in a developed and proven business model, provides authority to another company or person to run their own business using that developed business model.

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Why New Zealand’s “Number 8 Wire” mentality is bad for the economy

6 February 2014. Posted by Ian Finch .

For those train spotters out there “Number 8 wire” is a gauge of wire on the British Standard wire gauge that has entered into the cultural lexicon of New Zealand.

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Was buying MOTOROLA a costly mistake for GOOGLE?

4 February 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

News that GOOGLE is selling Motorola has sparked media commentary that this acquisition was a mistake.

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