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Protect your IP and make your company a hot prospect

29 September 2011. Posted by .

Influential magazine, Unlimited, has published an article on the critical importance of IP.

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...You must prove rights in a domain name complaint under New Zealand’s DRSP?

28 September 2011. Posted by Ben Cain .

At the end of May 2011, New Zealand’s Dispute Resolution Service Policy (DRSP) for .nz domain name registrations celebrated its fifth birthday. In that time, 76 complaints have resulted in transfer orders for the subject domain name(s), while 13 complaints were dismissed by experts.

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Patenting can be key ingredients in any recipe for success

20 September 2011. Posted by .

When you come up with a new recipe, patent protection is seldom the next step in your thought process. But it probably should be.

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Using IP to sustain your business

6 September 2011. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

All businesses, no matter how different, strive for success in a way that can be sustained. One vital tool with which a business can achieve true sustainability is intellectual property.

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When is a trade mark not a trade mark?

5 September 2011. Posted by Ben Cain .

When it is a descriptive or generic term for a product or service?

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