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How to hone New Zealand’s competitive edge

31 August 2011. Posted by .

“If you don’t have a competitive edge – then don’t compete” Jack Welch, CEO, General Electric

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Saving the world one patent at a time

23 August 2011. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

So you’ve developed a brilliant new clean technology? Its widespread use will benefit humankind greatly but you are loath to simply give the technology away without some form of compensation for your efforts. The answer? A patent.

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Top 10 reasons to file patents in New Zealand

7 August 2011. Posted by Jason Rogers .

Although a relatively small market (with a population of 4 million people) there are good reasons for including New Zealand in an international IP portfolio.

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Software patents in New Zealand: still no clarity

4 August 2011. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

An updated set of guidelines on how patent applications involving software will be examined under the new Patents Act has been published. The much-needed clarity is still lacking.

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