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Delivering the message

25 May 2011. Posted by .

Intangible assets make up about 80 per cent of the value of a business. However, the fact that New Zealand is sliding down the OECD per capita wealth scale is just one indicator that many people are ignorant about the value of IP.

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...In 2010, complainants were successful in 90% of the decisions issued under NZ’s domain name DRSP?

23 May 2011. Posted by Ben Cain .

As it approaches its 5th birthday in June this year, NZ’s Dispute Resolution Service Policy (DRSP) is showing itself to be a very effective dispute resolution mechanism for complaints in respect of .nz domain name registrations.

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Reverse engineering software: potentially safe under copyright law but in breach of contract?

18 May 2011. Posted by Ben Cain .

Licensing proprietary software – especially industry-specific proprietary software – can be seriously expensive. Licensing fees can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, with annual maintenance payments on top.

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Value add - your choice

18 May 2011. Posted by .

Since we started in 1979 our whole ethos has been around providing strategic value to New Zealand businesses through our IP services.

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