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...That visitors to your website may be redirected to another site?

31 March 2011. Posted by Ben Cain .

By using a simple of piece of computer code it is possible to redirect visitors from one website to another.

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SOBA takes on DB to declare the Radler beer trade mark invalid

28 March 2011. Posted by Emily Agnew .

With the help of James & Wells, the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) is challenging DB over its trademark ‘Radler’ – a name SOBA says has been a recognised as a shandy-style drink for decades.

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Federation wins inaugural fashion communication design award

22 March 2011. Posted by Carrick Robinson .

New Zealand streetwear brand FEDERATION has been named the winner of the inaugural James & Wells: Fashion Communication Design Award ahead of two other distinguished finalists – CYBELE and MOOCHI.

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JAWS’ submission on software examination guidelines

21 March 2011. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

JAWS has had its say on the proposed guidelines for examining patent applications involving software under the new Patents Act.

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Intellectual property in the building and construction industry

15 March 2011. Posted by Ian Finch .

How to identify it, what to do with it (and what not to do with it).

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Submissions to the Australian patent amendment (human genes and biological materials) bill 2010

7 March 2011. Posted by .

James & Wells Intellectual Property acts for many biotechnology companies that commercialise, within Australia, technology which is derived from genes or other biological materials.

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From one extreme to another… JAWS’ Christchurch story

1 March 2011. Posted by Jason Rogers .

The James & Wells Christchurch office staff missed out on what some have called “the geological warm up event” that took place on September 4, as they were away at a firm AGM event near Rotorua.

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Proposed exclusion from patentability of genes and other biological materials in Australia

1 March 2011. Posted by .

Recent developments in the US regarding gene patentability, have sparked a similar review in Australia patentability laws. 

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