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Continuing controversy over proposed changes to copyright law

28 June 2010. Posted by Ian Finch .

Written submissions on the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill closed this month. Claire Tompkins and Ian Finch of James & Wells Intellectual Property take a look at some of the issues that will be under discussion.

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Patent protection isn’t just about beating the competition

21 June 2010. Posted by Emily Agnew .

I’d say most Kiwi businesses applying for patents do so to stop others stealing their technology. It’s usually about protecting the company's patch from unwanted and unfair competition.

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Patent claim interpretation: a flash of excitement?

9 June 2010. Posted by Ian Finch .

The boring subject of patent claim interpretation: a flash of excitement or just more academic overreaction?

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The dangers of wifi (tm): copyright infringement

8 June 2010. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

Owners of wireless internet connections are vulnerable to a number of dangers if they do not exercise adequate security precautions. A recent decision from the German courts has highlighted one potential risk of which New Zealand wireless owners should be mindful: copyright infringement.

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