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In person: Peter Brown, Patent Attorney pending

12 September 2008. Posted by .

After almost a decade at university training to be a scientist, I decided about a year ago to change careers to become a patent attorney. You might wonder why I left behind my lab bench and trusty pipette and made a leap into intellectual property (IP) law.

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Software protection in NZ: Important whichever team you play for

11 September 2008. Posted by .

In a recent decision Jacobson v Katzer (2008-1001), the US Appeals court ruled that someone who used “open-source” software outside the conditions of the open source license can be sued for copyright infringement. 

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Who owns an invention developed by an employee?

10 September 2008. Posted by Emily Agnew .

University of Western Australia v Gray: The Implications for New Zealand Research Organisations. The recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia in University of Western Australia v Gray (No 20) [2008] FCA 498 highlights the need for research organisations to clarify who will own inventions developed by employees. 

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The ab seize of online counterfeits

1 September 2008. Posted by .

 Catching the distributor of counterfeit goods is a constant headache for the fashion industry. And, the ability for a them to now reach an international audience online has only widened the problem.

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