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European geographical indications – a friend or foe for New Zealand?

6 March 2019. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

Free trade agreement negotiations between New Zealand and Europe have put New Zealand in an interesting position with calls for it to recognise and protect a list of EU geographical indications (GIs) in New Zealand. Business owners in New Zealand have already been locked out of exporting products to the European Union which may bear a European GI such as feta and gruyère. The question is, whether as part of the current negotiations New Zealand can leverage its own GI protection in a way which will outweigh any missed opportunities in European markets.

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The Clean Labelling Conundrum

21 March 2018. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

Food & Beverage businesses are facing their toughest critics yet in the age of corporate social responsibility and consumer activism. 

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Superfood, supplemented food or dietary supplement?

21 March 2017. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

It seems everything these days is a "superfood", including our common everyday veg. It's a buzzword of the food industry – however when using this term loosely it could have larger implications by implying a health claim about the food that is being sold.

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Testing year for health claims

6 December 2016. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

The global trend towards greater health and wellness has well and truly taken hold in New Zealand, spawning a thriving food and beverage innovation culture. Supermarket and health food store shelves are bursting with products whose labels make claims about the nutrition and health benefits.

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MANUKA DOCTOR - the sweet truth unravelled

12 May 2016. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

Last year, the honey industry and trade mark practitioners alike were keeping a close eye on the battle ensuing between the Ministry of Primary Industries and Honey New Zealand (International) Ltd over whether Honey NZ’s MANUKA PHARM and MANUKA DOCTOR registered trade marks amounted to unlawful health claims.

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MANUKA DOCTOR and MANUKA PHARM trademarks – health claim, therapeutic claim or marketing puffery?

23 March 2016. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

A recent case provides an interesting look at the foods standards regulations and how they apply to trademarks in the context of claiming health benefits of certain foods.  

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Brand protection the key to sweet success for Original Foods Baking Co.

3 March 2016. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

With 25 years in the baked goods business, Original Foods Baking Co. (OFBC) is making a bold statement with its new brand.

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The sweet truth about honey [health claims]

3 November 2015. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

Mānuka honey has long been one of New Zealand’s signature exports, with around 8,000 tonnes of honey being exported each year and a recent surge in demand from Asian markets. 

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Berries from China refuel the Country of Origin labelling debate

17 April 2015. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

New phone scanning technologies could add a new angle to Country of Origin labelling, which traditionally in New Zealand has been a voluntary practice for the food industry to use as a marketing tool, even though it is required in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. 

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Sale and supply of alcohol reforms - one year on

10 February 2015. Posted by Stephanie Hadley .

December 2014 marked one year since the full implementation of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (Act). 

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