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TPP delivers 12-month grace period for New Zealand

5 December 2018. Posted by Jason Rogers , Craig Rothwell .

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPATPP) is being introduced into New Zealand law on 30 December 2018 by the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Amendment Act.

The CPATPP Amendment Act amends 10 New Zealand Acts including the Copyright Act 1994, Patents Act 2013 and Trade Marks Act 2002.  

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Software: To Patent or not to patent?

8 June 2018. Posted by Craig Rothwell , Jason Rogers .

This article explores common myths surrounding the protection of software including:

  • I’m fully protected as I have copyright
  • My software is embedded so it’s a trade secret
  • You can’t patent software, it is specifically excluded in the Patents Act 2013

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Don’t miss the fine print in TPP changes

5 September 2016. Posted by Jason Rogers .

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a controversial trade agreement between 12 countries encircling the Pacific – was ceremonially signed by the member countries in February this year.

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Australasia key market for patent filings under influence of TPP, but IP experts warn of risks

19 February 2016. Posted by Jason Rogers .

Although Australasia may traditionally be regarded as a relatively small market, 30 million people is still a sizable market with a multitude of funding and investment opportunities.

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Why Australasia should be on your patent radar

4 November 2015. Posted by Jason Rogers .

New Zealand and Australia often slip off the radar when it comes to filing overseas patent applications

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Top 10 reasons to file patents in New Zealand

7 August 2011. Posted by Jason Rogers .

Although a relatively small market (with a population of 4 million people) there are good reasons for including New Zealand in an international IP portfolio.

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From one extreme to another… JAWS’ Christchurch story

1 March 2011. Posted by Jason Rogers .

The James & Wells Christchurch office staff missed out on what some have called “the geological warm up event” that took place on September 4, as they were away at a firm AGM event near Rotorua.

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True grit: Christchurch office update

20 September 2010. Posted by Jason Rogers .

The Christchurch office was recently in, what Ned Flanders would refer to as "a real rhubarb of a pickle of a jam", when it found itself on the wrong side of the Cook Strait on the night the quake hit.

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EPO rejects Swiss-type claims for protecting 2nd pharmaceutical uses

12 March 2010. Posted by Jason Rogers .

In countries such as the US and Australia methods of medical treatment are patentable subject matter. However, in many countries including New Zealand, methods of medical treatment of humans do not constitute patentable subject matter. Enter the Swiss-type claim.

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US patents - USPTO launches a new regime for prosecution of patent applications

14 October 2009. Posted by Jason Rogers .

If you are thinking of filing in the US the time has arguably never been better…to boldly ignore any war stories you may have heard about obtaining a United States patent, as a new brush generally sweeps the muddied process clean (or at least cleaner than the old brush) – provided your patent has bristles

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