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James & Wells appoints new senior staff

18 May 2017. Posted by David Macaskill , Ben Cain .

National intellectual property specialists James & Wells have made three significant senior appointments.

Ben Cain and David Macaskill have been appointed to Senior Associate, while Rebecca Pennell has been promoted to Human Resources Manager. 

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Divisional applications in New Zealand – prepare for the future

27 August 2014. Posted by David Macaskill , Jonathan Lucas .

New Zealand has passed a new Patents Act.  The new Patents Act comes into force as of 13 September and will implement some significant changes to New Zealand's patent laws, including the practice around divisional patent applications.

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Protecting second generation products

21 August 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

I frequently get asked questions like “How can I protect my new product – it’s just an improvement to something that has been around for a long time?”

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The pros and cons of hitch hiking on patent prosecution

8 August 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

A number of articles have been published recently discussing “tricks” to save costs in your intellectual property portfolio by ensuring that your patent attorney takes the lowest cost option.  The more cynical writers imply that patent attorneys deliberately ramp up their fees by not employing those “tricks”. 

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The chicken or the egg; which should come first? R&D, Commercialisation, and IP protection.

15 July 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

So you have a great idea or concept.  Fantastic!  But where do you go now?  How can you take this great idea and bring it out into the world?

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Was buying MOTOROLA a costly mistake for GOOGLE?

4 February 2014. Posted by David Macaskill .

News that GOOGLE is selling Motorola has sparked media commentary that this acquisition was a mistake.

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New dawn for the New Zealand Patent landscape - the New Patents Act

12 September 2013. Posted by David Macaskill .

Parliament passed into law the new Patents Bill on 28 August 2013. This is the biggest shake up in New Zealand’s Intellectual Property landscape in over 50 years.

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WIPO Green: A clean new technology transfer platform

31 October 2012. Posted by David Macaskill .

Advice for clean tech businesses on a new IP tool to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Developing a Chinese trade mark script - considerations and mistakes to avoid

21 July 2011. Posted by David Macaskill .

China and its protectorate states Hong Kong and Macau are increasingly important markets for New Zealand business.

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