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Kiwis ‘unsophisticated and naive’ attitude toward intellectual property rights

27 October 2017. Posted by Ceri Wells .

New Zealand has an unsophisticated and naïve attitude towards intellectual property rights. 

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Harvesting the fruits of your labour

9 October 2017. Posted by Andrew Scott .

Kiwis punch above their weight in many arenas.

But there’s one race where we are now well off the pace – the innovation race. Our history of innovation is a rich one, but the world is full of creative people solving problems – and many nations have leapt ahead of us

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The decline and fall of the Patent Attorney

4 October 2017. Posted by Ceri Wells .

In recent years, the intellectual property (IP) profession in New Zealand and Australia has been going through a reshaping of seismic proportions, and still there are major aftershocks ahead.

The situation is particularly bad in New Zealand where the Government’s philosophical desire for an integrated market with Australia has left the small elite patent attorney decimated and vulnerable.

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Changes to Australia’s patent system underway

28 September 2017. Posted by Richard Clement .

The Australian Government has recently been reviewing Australia’s IP laws. In response to a report of the Government’s Productivity Commission, the Government recently announced that a number of changes to Australia’s IP legislation will be introduced, including some which affect the patent system.

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Innovation Heroes Show & Tell: Market Ready

29 August 2017. Posted by Emily Agnew , John Mansell .

In this episode of the Innovation Heroes Show & Tell series. a spotlight is put on being 'market ready'.

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IP in the fast lane: New Zealand joins the Global Patent Prosecution Highway

28 July 2017. Posted by Jared Millar .

The recent announcement by the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) that they are now participating in the Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH), is an exciting development. IPONZ joins 22 other patent offices, mainly from European countries, but also Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the United States are now participating in the GPPH.

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IP key to securing investment

29 June 2017. Posted by Jonathan Lucas .

Investors consider many aspects of a potential investment but one of the most important factors is your intellectual property (IP). This article explains what aspects of IP investors are interested in, particularly in an early pitch.

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Guarding your recipes for success

29 June 2017. Posted by John Mansell .

Mention the word “invention” and what jumps to mind is usually a mechanical gadget – a new mousetrap – or a fancy new “app.”

We don’t generally associate the word - or the concept of innovation - with food.  But the food and beverage industry is rife with innovative thinking.  The vast range of foods and ingredients provides potential to make new products, develop novel combinations for new dishes, prepare valuable extracts, or do something innovative with an existing production process. As food perishes, anything that can make it last longer and remain fresh and nutritious (and tasty) will be of major interest to the industry and consumers.

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Champion your innovation: enter the NZ Innovation Awards 2017

22 June 2017. Posted by Emily Agnew , John Mansell .

Kiwis are an innovative bunch. From the humble paperclip, to building rockets, to feeding hungry kids, to cola with a conscience. Kiwis have innovation in their bones and we want to encourage those who have created something innovative- whether it’s a product, service, process or business to enter the NZ Innovation Awards 2017. 

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Innovative diabetes prevention device wins James & Wells Innovation Award

22 June 2017. Posted by Emily Agnew , Jonathan Lucas .

James & Wells wishes to congratulate New Zealand Medical & Scientific (NZMS) for winning the James & Wells Medical Technology Association of NZ (MTANZ) Innovation Award for 2017.

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